Why Creighton Soccer Academy?


Consecutive NCAA Tournament berths, including 5 College Cup (Final Fours) in 2012, 2011, 2002, 2000, and 1996.


Conference tournament championships, and 14 regular-season conference titles.


Bluejays have gone on to play professional soccer since 1993, including 14 in the last six seasons.


College soccer venue in the nation, according to Soccer News and many who have come to our stadium.




These past few months have been full of uncertainty for all and while the hope was to have more clarity as local, state and national restrictions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic evolved, it has in fact become more complicated on the sports level. The health and safety of you, your families and your loved ones is the top priority and, after consulting with Creighton leadership, community members and athletics colleagues, I have made the decision to cancel all MSOC Jr. Jays/Creighton Soccer Academy events for calendar year 2020.

July 15 - 17
College ID Academy
Ages 15-18
$550 Overnight Only
The College ID Academy was a hit last year and we will be offering it again this year. The exact schools represented at this year’s College ID Academy will be Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USC Upstate, Northern Illinois, UMKC, UNO, and Drake. Creighton’s Coach Gabb will be responsible for the goalkeepers. Coach Torres personally develops the curriculum each summer. This camp is comprehensive in nature and will demonstrate what Division One programs are looking for in student-athletes. There will be an introduction into weight lifting, core strength training and speed training. The coaches will answer questions about the recruiting process, about college life as a student-athlete, and outline expectations.  Each camper will work with each Division I coach in attendance. This camp is not recommended for those who have already graduated high school.
July 29 - 31
Junior Elite Academy
Ages 12-14
$325 Overnight $275 Commuter
Perfect for the talented soccer player who loves the game and wishes to pursue it at a higher level. This session emphasizes proper technical skills building the necessary foundation for advanced play and tactical execution.
Tactical concepts will be introduced and/or reviewed appropriately based upon overall camper skill level. Fun in learning is achieved through the many small-sided matches. Our goal is to not only teach but also to provide valuable feedback. Campers are expected to have played soccer before coming to this Academy.
August 5 - 7
Senior Elite Academy
Ages 14-18
$400 Overnight Only
The Senior Elite Academy engages top-level staff who are hired not only to instruct but also to recognize talent. Coaches at the Senior Elite Academy are professional coaches where most are college coaches at recognizable colleges and universities. Our coaches at the Senior Elite Academy are typically camp veterans who understand Coach Torres’s vision for the education of campers and rhythm of the Academy. It is recommended that Senior Elite applicants play at a high level in order to get the most out of the Academy. The Academy is intense and a physically prepared camper is expected. Campers will have the opportunity to attend the College Recruiting seminar. It is understood that campers at either the Senior Elite Academy or the College ID Academy are generally pursuing an opportunity to play soccer in a college environment.

**Registration will close a week prior to the camp start date.**

If your son is not old enough to attend our Academies, check out the JOHNNY TORRES SOCCER ACADEMY half day camps for ages 5-11 offered by Creighton Head Coach, Johnny Torres. LEARN MORE >>
Goalkeeper Training
Goalkeeper training is conducted on the same fields as field player training, just in its own area with our goalkeeper coach, Coach Gabb. Goalkeepers will play in small-sided games in the morning and afternoon as well as in the nightly scrimmages.
ACCOMODATIONS: Goalkeepers can room and dine with field players. If a goalkeeper wishes to remain with one set of field players for the matches, we will try to accommodate that request.
GEAR: Goalkeepers must bring their own goalkeeper attire such as gloves, shinguards, mouthguard, padded shirts/shorts or other gear the keeper wears training at home.
Groups & Teams
We will be happy to accommodate groups or teams requesting to train and room together. Each camp participant should request to room with each other during the registration process. If not, the selection will be random. There are no team or group discounts.
Groups of 13-15 field players are considered a full team for the purposes of forming an entire camp team filled with only your players. If the roster number drops below 13 field players before camp begins, your team will be considered a group and, therefore, will be subject to be divided in half as are groups of 8-12 field players.
Groups of 8-12 field players will not be placed on the same team but will be split in half for the purposes of camp team formation.
Groups of 7 or less will be placed on the same camp team if the campers’ ages allow, meaning we will not place a 14 year old on a 17 year old team or vice versa.

Michael Gabb
Creighton Goalkeeper Coach
Academy Goalkeeper Trainer

Johnny Torres
Creighton Head Soccer Coach
Academy Director

Ian Sarachan
Creighton Assistant Soccer Coach
Academy Staff

Mitch Kavanagh
Creighton Volunteer Soccer Coach
Academy Staff



Senior Elite Session Staff
Coaches are listed when confirmed.

With all the coaches, counselors, medical staff, and other support staff combined, we have an excellent staff to camper supervision ratio of 1 adult to every 6 campers. We have found that a maximum team ratio of 1 coach to every 14 campers ensures quality individual time while allowing team camaraderie to develop into great evening matches. All of our staff has passed a national background check and child safety training video and adheres to strict rules regarding conduct.
All-you-can-eat meals, three times a day are provided in one of the Creighton University Dining Halls on campus (Brandeis or Becker). Meals are varied enough to accommodate all dietary needs, including vegetarians, diabetics, and those with specific food allergies/sensitivities. The air-conditioned, large dining hall is a great social place to unwind from playing outdoor sports.
All residential campers will reside in one of the air-conditioned Creighton University dormitories. Each room has two beds. There are no triples. We cannot guarantee roommate requests but we do an exceptional job at making it all work out so that our campers get to room with a friend they’ve requested.
Each camp schedule includes training times, meals, scrimmages, rest, movies, and closing ceremonies at Morrison Stadium. Check under ‘ENROLLMENT -> What is the schedule?’ in the FAQs section for specifics.
At the Senior Elite and College ID Academies, Coach Torres walks prospective college applicants through the steps necessary to play on a college team. An information sheet will be given to each camper who attends.
Each camper will receive at check-in a FREE Creighton Soccer Academy T-Shirt. Each camper will have access to FREE cold Gatorade on the fields at each and every session.



The main entrance and ticket window is located on the west side, at the intersection of California and 19th Street.

Michael G. Morrison, S.J. Stadium
Omaha, Nebraska
Morrison Stadium is state-of-the-art field turf which helps reduce stress and fatigue in the feet, legs, and back. Other fields that will be utilized in rotation are the turf fields in the middle of campus. Depending on enrollment, we have other fields in the area that we can also fit in the rotation. Campers will walk to Morrison Stadium and the campus turf fields. If other fields are used, we will van them from campus to the field. In the event of lightening, we have indoor options at Morrison Stadium as well as the new indoor Rasmussen Center. LEARN MORE >>


 When can I apply?

Registration for summer 2018 is now closed. Dates for summer 2019 will come out around Thanksgiving 2018.

 Is this camp for girls?

No, this is the boys’ camp only. For information on the Creighton Girls’ Soccer Camp, please go to www.bluejaygirlssocceracademy.com

 What is the schedule?

Campers should bring some sort of clock/alarm but will not need an actual, paper schedule. Camp schedules are posted in the dorm for the campers’ convenience, however, when to be where is addressed at every session by their Academy coach.

Day #1 | Check-In Day
12:00pm - 1:15pm → Check-In (Dorms)
1:30pm → Camp Meeting
2:30pm → Small-Sided Games
5:00pm → Dinner
6:30pm → Evening Scrimmages
8:30pm → All Camp Meeting
9:00pm → Movies, Pizza
10:00pm - 10:30pm → Lights-Out (Juniors)
11:00pm → Lights-Out (Seniors)

Day #2
7:00am - 8:00am → Wake-Up / Breakfast
8:30am - 11:00am → Morning Session
11:30am - 1:00pm → Lunch / Rest
1:30pm - 4:00pm → Afternoon Session
4:30pm - 6:00pm → Dinner / Rest
6:30pm → Evening Scrimmages
8:30pm → All Camp Meeting
9:00pm → Movies, Pizza
10:00pm - 10:30pm → Lights-Out (Juniors)
11:00pm → Lights-Out (Seniors)

Day #3 | Check-Out Day
7:00am - 8:00am → Wake-Up / Breakfast
8:30am - 10:00am → Final Games
10:30am → Closing Ceremonies at Morrison Stadium
11:00am → Check-Out (Dorms)
12:00pm → Check-Out Concluded

 What if I want to play up?

The minimum age to attend the Junior Elite Academy is 12 by camp time.
The minimum age to attend the Senior Elite Academies is 14 by camp time.

The oldest camper can be 19 to attend camp but should not have graduated high school. For those not meeting these age requirements, we’re sorry, but we have to draw a line somewhere. We realize you may feel ready for the next level, however, most of the campers that come to our Academies are also highly skilled players and therefore, these age guidelines tend to work very well. It is our responsibility to make sure that those age-appropriately enrolled campers have comparable competition.

 How are groups formed?

Campers will be divided into two age groups in order to make camp teams (U-12/U-14 Junior Elite Academy and U-16/U-18 Senior Elite Academy). Some campers may be moved from their camp team on the first day of camp with the discretion of the Academy director. Because camp teams compete against each other in nightly scrimmages, we aim to balance the teams’ levels for maximum camper enjoyment as well as learning acquired. However, our goal is to keep together players who have requested each other as roommates or are part of a group. College ID Academy will have no set camp teams and requests to play with a certain player can not be met. However, rooming requests can be granted.


 What does tuition include?

Overnight tuition includes your meals per the Academy schedule in the dining hall, your overnight stay in the dorm, and instruction. Junior commuter tuition includes only lunch and dinner per the Academy schedule and instruction. Commuters will have breakfast at their own homes. Commuters will not have a dorm room but will come back to the dorms with the rest of the Academy. They can rest in the available lounges. Tuition does not include the purchase of a ball.

 Are there any additional fees?

There will be a $40 charge for any lost room keys, and a $5 charge for any lost meal cards. Dormitory space may be limited. Please apply early to ensure housing availability.

 Are refunds available?

Refunds are given up until one week prior to the camp start date.  After this time no refunds are provided.
All requests for refunds must be in writing.
There is a $50 non-refundable processing fee Creighton Soccer Academy Camps.

 Are discounts available?

Due to the amount of work required to document any and all discounts as well as the many NCAA PSA (Prospective Student Athlete) prohibitive rules, we simply cannot offer discounts. We feel the quality of our Academy, as compared to other top-level camps in the country, is worth your tuition. Our fees are substantially less than comparable caliber soccer camps in the US.


 Can I drive my own car to camp?

Overnight campers are allowed to drive themselves to camp, however, Coach Torres or Coach Gabb will retain the camper’s car keys for the duration of camp. Please inform the office that you will be driving yourself and upon registration, inform us about your car as you’ll need to know where we suggest to final park your car. You assume all risks to your vehicle while parked in a free, public spot on Omaha streets.

 Are there airport or train shuttle options?

Our shuttle is a quick and secure way to get to and from camp. We offer this service ONLY to campers not traveling on a minor ticket. Choose one way ($5) or round trip ($10). Eppley Airfield (OMA) is under 10 minutes from the University. Our staff will be responsible for airport pick-ups curbside. The train and bus stations are located also under 10 minutes from campus in downtown Omaha.

The pick-up schedule will be tailored to the arriving flights/trains and you will be notified either by email or phone as to when to expect pick-up, what vehicle to look out for, and the name of our driver. Please send in your itinerary as soon as you have made flight/train arrangements. We will try to be as flexible as we can with arrival pick up and early departures but we cannot guarantee shuttle service after 1pm on either check-in or check-out day. You may have to take a cab after 1 pm. The best time to plan arrival would be between 9am and 12pm on check-in day. The best time to plan departure would be between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm on check-out day. We will drop campers off at their terminal at least 60 minutes in advance of their flight/train, however, the last shuttle will leave the University at 1:00 pm. To see the airport layout, visit its website at www.flyoma.com.

 Can I arrive or stay late?

We do not have the dorm rooms or staff to offer early arrivals or late departures. If arriving early or staying late is your only option, you may want to try one of the area hotels.


 Can I room with a friend?

We understand that selecting a roommate is important. Please make sure and elect your roommate during the registration process. He, in turn should do the same thing and elect you during his registration process. While we are diligent in the roommate selecting process, please understand that the roommate of your choice is not guaranteed, as we will have many others in camp.

 Are the dorms air-conditioned?

Yes, every room is air-conditioned. Because the quality of air-conditioning can vary from room to room, it would be wise to bring both a small fan and blanket. We will switch rooms to provide the best possible comfort available in the event of a non-working air-conditioner at any point during a camper’s stay. Click here for more information

 Can I bring a fridge or cooler for food?

You are allowed to bring dorm-sized refrigerators and any snacks or drinks that you wish. Dorms have vending machines but most dorms do not have ice machines, therefore, it will be difficult to maintain cold drinks. You can bring a small cooler and get ice from the dining hall if you wish. There is always iced water and iced Gatorade at the fields. Quite often, but not always, there will be a communal kitchen that has a microwave to use.

 What if I have a food allergy?

The Creighton dining halls serve a variety of foods to accommodate all food allergies/sensitivities, such as lactose intolerant, diabetic, vegetarian, nut allergy, and gluten intolerant. If you need to speak with the dining hall director, please email the office with your request.


 What should I bring?

Soccer Cleats (Make sure they are broken-in, otherwise you may get blisters!)
Extra Pair of Soccer Cleats (In case of rain.)
Shin Guards
Snacks & Drinks if you Prefer Over Vending Machines
Soccer Ball (Unless you are purchasing one.)
iPod, Cards, Book, Magazines
PLENTY of T-Shirts, Shorts, & Socks (3 Each/Day)
Night Light, Flashlight, Alarm Clock
XL Twin Size Bed Sheets, Pillow, & Blanket
Money for Pizza, Vending Machines, Bookstore
Toiletries (Toothbrush, Shampoo, Soap, etc.) & Towels
Gold Bond Powder for Rashes that may Occur
Any Medicine You May Need  (Ibuprofen, Allergy Tablets, Prescriptions)
Regular Sneakers and/or Sandals for Walking to/from Field
Sunscreen & Insect Repellent
Water Jug for Field

 Do I need to bring my own ball?

Each camper will be required to have his own ball at camp. You can bring your own or you can buy a size 5 camp ball for $35. The camp ball is inscribed with the Creighton logo. Balls are pre-purchased via online registration and are distributed at check-in. If you choose to purchase a ball during the application process and then wish to cancel that purchase prior to check-in, you will be refunded the $35. Balls are available for purchase at registration but we will only carry a limited number for sale. Make sure you bring your own ball in case you are not able to purchase an Academy ball.

 What if I forgot an item?

If you forget to bring a necessary item to camp, please ask a counselor or your coach for a “loaner” as soon as you become aware of the forgotten item.

 What if an item is lost/stolen?

All of your son’s gear should have his name in permanent marker on them. We will have permanent markers at registration for the gear you will receive. Lost or stolen items will not be replaced! Please prepare your son to be mindful of his belongings and to report a lost or stolen item immediately to his coach. In the event we find a camper’s lost or stolen item after the camper has left the Academy, we will mail it back at your expense with prior approval from you.

 Is there a camp bank?

We do not have a camp bank. Campers are expected to be mindful of their own money. We recommend $25 for campers. This will be plenty to buy pizza or vending machine items. Campers do not have to pay for meals in the dining hall. There will be no supervised trips to the bookstore to purchase Creighton gear.

 Is there a camp store?

There is no camp store. Any Creighton soccer items will have to be purchased at the bookstore or other retail merchants such as Lawlor’s or Scheels.


 Is there wifi at camp?

Yes, there is free wifi using the CUGuest network option.

 What is the cell phone policy?

In the event that we find a camper with a cell phone that causes disruption, such as disturbing a roommate’s right to quiet, the phone will be retained with Coach Torres until camp’s end.

 Can I have visitors during camp hours?

Visitation during camp is not allowed. Due to the many difficulties in parking, communications, and safety, we do not allow family or friends on the fields for any of the Academy sessions until the final game on check-out morning. Visitors are also not allowed on our floors in the dorm after 3pm on check-in day until 11am on check-out morning. We appreciate and expect your understanding and cooperation. This is for the safety and consideration of all our campers. If you need to arrange a necessary personal visit (i.e. bringing forgotten items, a birthday cake, etc.), you must contact our office to arrange the visit or simply drop off your item with the front desk staff at the dorm. Should you want to arrange an official tour of campus, you will need to contact the Admissions Office at (402) 280-2700. Should you want to arrange a meeting with Coach Torres, camp is typically not a good time to do so. However, if it is the only time you will be in the area, email him a request in advance at johnnytorres@creighotn.edu. Campers are able to talk with Coach Torres at anytime during the Academy.

 Are there parent activities?

If you’re going to be in the area, the best website to find places to go and things to do in Omaha is http://www.visitomaha.com. Omaha is well known for many things, but most importantly the home to the College World Series and Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.

 What is the best way to contact staff with questions?

We do not hire an answering service. We use voicemail. The best way to contact us, however, is to email us at creightonsocceracademy@gmail.com. E-mail provides a paper trail of questions or comments that can easily and quickly followed up on which is very helpful being seasonal with hundreds of campers who enroll. From the months of January to August, we will always try to answer you within 24 hours. The closer it is to camp, the sooner your call/email will be responded to. During the period of camp, all calls will be answered as immediately as possible.



First Name:

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Email Address:


Email Address:



Please allow at least 24-hours for a response prior to camp. During the period of camp, all calls will be answered as immediately as possible.

(402) 514-7304
Creighton Soccer Academy
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The Creighton Men’s Soccer Academy is open to any and all entrants, limited only by number, age, grade level, and/or gender.